Based in New Orleans, Crescent City Beads, LLC is a wholesaler of semi-precious stones, glass beads and silver. Our customers are bead stores, retailers, artists and designers nation-wide. We provide quality products at extraordinarily competitive prices. We make business easy by coming to you with our mobile warehouse.
You can purchase on the spot. Product/price inquiry by phone
or email welcomed. Product not located on the truck will be shipped within a few days. Our route takes us all over the country; we may
be in your neighborhood soon!
For a representative selection of our stock, click on any of the images. Please check back periodically for additional product selection as the site is constantly developing.
To be added to our route
or for other inquiries,
please contact us.
The Crescent City Beads, LLC website product display is a representation of the stock carried in the mobile showroom. Actual showroom stock enjoys a wider variety of product, size and shapes.  Requested product not on the mobile showroom will be shipped.  Inventory listed as close-out may not be available again.  We value your business and will make every attempt to provide you with the quality, quantity and variety that you request.